Charity begins at ‘Holme’

IMG_6005 (1)You have probably heard the phrase that charity begins at home. Well, for me charity begins at ‘Holme’.

Holme is a tiny village, in North West England, that my grandma lived in whilst I was growing up. It is also a source of contention as i used to get into trouble with my teacher at school when asked where my grandma lived as ‘Holme’ was often misinterpretation as me being a little facetious! This week my grandma, who is 91 years young, donated over 50 hand knitted hat & gloves sets to a charity that distributes them to people who have no real defence against the cold, like the lovely cosy house that a lot of us take for granted. She is an incredible person, with so many tales that I could sit and listen to all day. She is also fiercely independent, like so many of our clients that are a little bit older and a whole lot wiser than me. We were talking recently about her experience as a type 2 diabetic and the support she had received, particularly the diabetic nurse who seemingly had a financial interest in a certain high street giant. The nurse asked my Gran if she cooked. (She does, and her signature dish for me is syrup sponge……..oh yes!) Its kind of like her exercise. It keeps her motivated and ensures she structures her day too. The nurse said to her that perhaps she should consider a M&S ready meal, the fish pie is apparently very good. My gran looked at her confused and the nurse spoke a little more slowly and pronounced. My grandma let her know that she was perfectly capable and that me and my mum put home-cooked food in her freezer for her if she was having a particularly tiring day. The nurse persisted, and suggested, that at her age, she should be taking it easy and perhaps she could stock up on some of the ready meals when they were on offer. My gran listened politely and suffered her out as the nurse mentioned salt content etc. and the conversation wore on. As the appointment drew to a close the nurse asked my grandma if she would like to book another appointment. My grandma may be advancing in years but she is still as sharp as a tack. ‘No Thank you’ she replied, ‘I would rather see someone who doesn’t have shares in M&S’ or words to that effect.

Going shopping with my dad, planning her meals and prepping them helps my grandma to retain her independence. We have a lot of clients who value our services for the very same reason. They need a bit of a hand to keep on top of their home in order for them to concentrate on other areas of their life, whether it be an awesome sponge pudding or just getting out of bed and dressed. The team love to provide housekeeping services to all our clients. It doesn’t matter to us why our client signs up to our unique Housekeeping brand, just that we can create the bespoke package that they require to help them out.

If you know anyone who would benefit from a bespoke Housekeeping package, drop us a line here at Bright & Beautiful.

Going back to the charity element I mentioned before, our core values include giving something back to our local community. We really enjoy this aspect of being a small local business allowing us to choose causes that are close to our heart. In September we took part in a BBC DIY SOS Big Build project, helping a local family make life changing alterations that they needed for everyday life to their home. Not only was this a fantastic way to support a local family, the team requested that their wages from that day to be donated to a charity too.

Following my Grandma’s lead, we have donated some of our unused rucksacks full of toiletries and essentials to a homeless charity this winter. But the biggest thing taking precedence at the moment is my training for a White Collar Boxing Event in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Everyone seems to have a story of how the big ‘C’ has impacted their nearest and dearest, and indeed if recent headlines are to believed, we can now expect one in every two people in our lifetime to be affected by Cancer. That is a lot of people. A Macmillan Cancer nurse supported me when I needed it most, in fact, she really fought for me. So in return, I am swapping my rubber gloves for boxing gloves on 8th December at Preston Guild Hall in order to fight for Macmillan, and raising vital funds to help support people battling the disease. You can contribute by donating using my link here or if you would like to attend, you can purchase a ticket direct from Bright & Beautiful. Having never stepped into a boxing ring in my life, this is quite a big challenge for me but I will be training hard, aiming for ‘clean’ punches and a clear win. As clean and clear as our windows when the team have finished with them!


Image credit: V_Rae Photography.