The Apprentice – Bright & Beautiful Style

IMG_2404Our October has been ‘Sugar’ coated!

Yes, this month really has started out like an episode from a popular BBC entertainment programme, headed up by one of our favourite entrepreneurs. The main differences have been that we have had to do our own hair/make up/styling; we have roll cages of equipment lined up against our wall not suitcases ready for the boardroom reject; and we do not hold our phones at a 90 degree angle from our mouth when talking to our team colleagues. We are still very excited business professionals though (just like the person who gets voted in for ‘week one PM’, thinking they are safe but can get an early start to prove their worth).  And the reason that we are so excited is because we have a ‘Chorley Works’ Volunteer!

Chorley Works is an initiative that I happened across when I met a lovely lady from our local council at (another) networking event. The idea is based on the fact that there are people out looking for work that struggle with gaps on their CV for very genuine reasons, and this impacts their job search. The initiative supports individuals to get back into work and as part of this comprehensive programme, participants can volunteer for short work placement in order to gain valuable experience to add to their CV and interview repertoire. Businesses can offer a placement to a suitable individual after undertaking an interview and that is just what we have chosen to do. My contact at the council is a charismatic, efficient and understanding lady who clearly cares about her role and the people that she is helping. She popped over and we had a short meeting, undertook some risk assessments and completed some paperwork. Once we were both satisfied that Bright & Beautiful was the perfect fit for the scheme, we were good to go. My council contact sent over some CV’s of the potential volunteers that we had already discussed and we interviewed prospective candidates. Thankfully there were a lot less brags and cliches on those CV’s than the ones Lord Sugar has to wade through to pick his apprentice candidates. In fact, not one person mentioned ‘Rolling with the punches’, ‘Winning not Whinging’ or  ‘World Domination’ in their interview with us, phew!

Our newest recruit started last week in an office based role, and seems to be settling in well. She has a wealth of transferable skills having previously worked in childcare, and we have a lot to offer her too in order to build up confidence in an office based role.  We are still searching for a prospective volunteer housekeeper but as we have very strict requirements for any of our team members, paid or voluntary,  we are taking our time to get it right. To be able to offer someone who is in a position that I previously have been in ( having all the skills but not the line on your CV with the ‘right’ job title) feels great. It certainly fits right in with our Bright & Beautiful values. On a temporary basis, we can definitely say ‘Your Hired’!

TOP TIPS if your having a smashing time:

This week my daughter dropped a glass which smashed into smithereens on our kitchen floor. I am sure most people have experienced that moment where everyone freezes and looks around wildly at the floor and their bare feet, and back to the debris on the floor. Luckily we both had our slippers on but the cat had to be scooped up quite quickly in order to protect his paws from sharp glass shards. This weeks top tip is to use a piece of bread to help pick up the pieces. Sweep up the debris and remove the larger pieces. A single slice of soft bread from your everyday loaf will surprisingly pick up the smaller slivers, shards and dust much better than many other standard kitchen equipment.  Always use a wet cloth to wipe down the area thoroughly afterwards and check the families feet and paws just in case.

We might not be there for every broken glass but we are certainly available to make your week run a little smoother. Contact us here if you would like to speak to us about your Housekeeping requirements. Money can not buy happiness but it can buy you some of your time back to go find your happiness! (Or go purchase a replacement glass so your partner doesn’t find out).

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